Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my new blog, VeganSam.com! It’s going to be a blog about vegan food from around the world, and various related vegan issues.

I became vegan eight years ago, after being vegetarian for about three years before that. It’s great fun! I plan to write more here about how and why I became vegan in the future.

This blog idea was initially inspired by Wikipedia’s curry article, which is mostly a continent by continent, country by country list of curries around the world. It made me want to try all of the curries, and I thought a blog to accompany it might be a good idea too.

At first, the goal will be to explore all the curries in the world, create vegan versions of them, and share the experience here on this blog. Although curry will be the starting framework, the plan is to try all the world’s foods and cuisine. There’s a lot – I don’t think I’ll ever run out of foods to write about. As we go, I want to cover various cooking techniques from around the world, talk about the history of the places and foods I cook, and explore general topics regarding veganising non-vegan foods.

But first, to curry, the initial main theme for this blog:

Most of the curries we recognise here in England are not authentic Indian curries at all. The names we are familiar with are usually authentic Indian terms, but the British recipes differ greatly from the original Indian dishes. Bhuna, phaal, balti and others are not of Indian origin at all, but were conceived in the restaurants of England to appeal to British tastebuds.

In this blog, we will be concerning ourselves with every curry we can find, both ‘authentic’ and ‘modern’. There’s a world of curries out there, and I intend to explore as many as possible on this blog. Not just India (and its many states and regions of different cuisines), but also Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Japan and many others.

Eventually, I will run out of curry and this blog will inevitably cover other food areas. The goal is to explore all the foods, all the cuisine, and find out how to veganise it. I doubt I will stay completely on topic – I’m likely to stray off into other areas, but I’ll try to get this blog vegan related.

There’s a whole world of cuisine out there, and I hope you join me on my quest to create vegan versions of it all!