Thai Green Curry

As my first curry on this blog, I picked Thai green curry. It’s one of the world’s most popular dishes, well known and eaten widely in countries around the world. Green curry, transliterated from Thai as kaeng khiao wan meaning ‘sweet green curry’, derives its characteristic colour from the green chillies used to make the curry paste. Green curry originates from central Thailand, where it is a relatively recent dish. They can be traced back to the reign of Thai King Rama VI or Rama VII, between the years 1908-1926 […] Read More

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my new blog,! It’s going to be a blog about vegan food from around the world, and various related vegan issues. I became vegan eight years ago, after being vegetarian for about three years before that. It’s great fun! I plan to write more here about how and why I became vegan in the future. This blog idea was initially inspired by Wikipedia’s curry article, which is mostly a continent by continent, country by country list of curries around the world. It made me want to try […] Read More